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Going through the process of redundancy or bringing to an end an individual’s employment is a difficult period for any business or for any individual experiencing this transition.

Providing outplacement support and communicating this at the early stages of any redundancy consultation will ease the process for all parties.

Outplacement helps to alleviate some of the stress for those departing; it builds trust in the process and helps to maintain engagement, morale and productivity with those that remain.

At Target Outplacement we recognise that every business and individual is different which is why we offer a range of outplacement solutions to suit all budgets and for all levels of employees.

Sessions can be provided on a group basis or at an individual level; you can either opt for a standard package, or working with you, we can design a package that suits your business or individual needs.

All support packages provide a combination of Emotional, Career and Financial support. We can operate within your premises or off-site in a location to suit your employees. We aim to minimise the travel that any individual needs to make.

Whatever you choose to do, be assured that we will support you and your employees throughout their career transition.

Outplacement Solutions

Group Workshops

Where larger numbers of people are departing we recommend offering a group based workshop. This is a cost effective approach delivered by a senior consultant and financial advisor. You can opt for a one day or two day workshop bespoke to your needs. Surgery sessions are provided at the end of the workshop to allow delegates to gain individual support.

One or two day workshop to include:

  • Introduction
  • Managing change
  • Career anchors
  • CV writing skills
  • Interview and Assessment skills
  • Recruitment agencies/on line job searching
  • Financial Planning
  • Benefits and allowances sign posting

Executive Programmes

We understand that at this level people have very individual needs. With that in mind each of your executive will be allocated a senior personal coach who will work through their needs with them over a determined period.

Sessions to include:

  • Psychometric profiling using recognised tools (Saville wave, OPQ etc.) looking at talent and motivation highlighting strengths and development areas
  • Up to an additional five, one to one sessions lasting up to two hours per session. Each session will be tailored according to their specific objectives and may contain a mixture of career advice, self-evaluation/development, coaching and mentoring, financial planning and on- boarding into the new role.

Contact will be provided to the coach between each session via email or phone to provide advice and support.

Individual Support

We offer a personalised individual support service at any level to those who have been offered settlement agreements or are subject to individual redundancy.

We help the individual to recognise their strengths and show them how to differentiate themselves within the marketplace. We help guide them to make informed career decisions for the future to ensure the culture and environment suit their personal needs.

These sessions are bespoke but like the group workshops are modelled around providing Emotional, Career and Financial support.

As with the executive support a personal coach will be allocated to support the individual throughout the number of sessions agreed.


We would encourage you to book a free face to face meeting with us to discuss your business, or individual requirements.

We will visit your workplace to get the ‘feel’ of organisations culture and how you do things and work with you to provide the best possible solutions.

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